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HIFA-Zambia discussion forum

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HIFA-Zambia is a dynamic global forum on health in Zambia, supported by ZUKHWA and HIFA (Healthcare Information For All). Join here

Why HIFA-Zambia?

We need HIFA-Zambia for at least 3 reasons:

1. There is no alternative global e-mail forum on health in Zambia.   An e-mail forum is a cost-effective way of increasing awareness of health policy in Zambia, enabling dialogue and the sharing of best practice.  It is also expected to add value to face-to-face meetings or conferences on Zambian health issues in Zambia and around the world.

2. The member organisations of the Zambia-UK Health Workforce Alliance and other organisations working on health in Zambia, have repeatedly expressed the need for a communications platform to discuss and raise awareness of health issues and initiatives in Zambia in order to increase effectiveness and efficiency.

3. HIFA2015 is a global-level network and based on some of the forum’s discussions and topics, have identified that there is increasing demand to explore more in-depth networking of this type at a country level.

Also, in line with the Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness, the Accra Agenda for Action and the Kampala Declaration, the diversity and large number of health initiatives in Zambia supported by bilateral, multilateral, national Civil Society Organisations or International NGOs, creates need for coordination and harmonising in order to facilitate the accountability of all those involved on health care in Zambia.


Who is HIFA-Zambia for?

  • health professionals, from all cadres, working in Zambia in both the public and private sectors;
  • health professionals and academics, from anywhere around the world, who support health care initiatives in Zambia;
  • representatives of Zambian civil society organisations, and International NGOs and foundations that endorse health care initiatives in Zambia;
  • representatives of multilateral and bilateral aid organisations supporting health care programmes in Zambia;
  • health researchers and students in Zambia and worldwide undertaking relevant research or with links to health care schemes in Zambia;
  • anyone with an interest in improving health care and promoting health in Zambia.


How will it work?

HIFA-Zambia is a 1-year pilot initiative and collaboration between the Zambia-UK Health Workforce Alliance and the Global Healthcare Information Network/HIFA2015. HIFA-Zambia and HIFA2015 will work in the following ways:

1. HIFA-Zambia will contribute to efforts to raise awareness on health issues and initiatives in Zambia, in line with the Zambia UK Health Workforce Alliance’s vision, as well as contributing towards the HIFA2015 goal of health information for all by 2015.

2. Share a common methodology (Reader-Focused Moderation) and email platform (Dgroups)

3. The lead moderator of HIFA-Zambia, Susana Edjang, will liaise with the moderators of other HIFA Global Networks: HIFA2015, CHILD2015, HIFA-Portuguese and HIFA-EVIPNet.

4. Establish a HIFA-Zambia Working Group in parallel (and linking) with the existing HIFA2015 Steering Group.

5. HIFA-Zambia will have its own email discussion platform: www.dgroups.org/groups/hifa-zambia


HIFA networks in other countries

HIFA-Zambia is the first country-level e-mail network associated with HIFA2015. If successful, HIFA2015 aims to adapt and replicate the approach in other countries.

For further information please feel free to contact us at hifa-zambia-admin@dgroups.com

To join HIFA-Zambia global e-mail forum click here. 
Neil Pakenham-Walsh, Coordinator, HIFA2015